Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with brands both small and large. Some with a clear and consistent message. Others, not so much. I started Midwest Brand Consulting to help organizations both big and small more clearly define their brand and marketing message in a way that is professional and easy to understand.

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The Process

From Vision to Victory

Understanding Your Brand

You might have a tenured brand or you might be Brand new. But, you need help refreshing or livening up your current brand and distributing that in your marketing efforts. We can help.

Opportunities & Challenges

Knowledge of distribution channels and the types of deliverables to receive from a creative agency are what make rebrands a headache. We’ll create a complete checklist to make sure you get what you need.

Crafting Your Blueprint

It is confusing and frustrating to pay for a product and not know how to fully utilize it to its full potential. In all things marketing / creative. We’ll craft a blueprint so that in the end you have a complete and polished brand from your hired agency.

Bring A Plan to Life

For 15+ years we've helped brands elevate themselves above their competition and market themselves using the complete set of tools provided to them. We’ll help you do the same.


Each service is designed to ensure that you have the tools and guidance they need to succeed in your market.

Introductory Strategic Assessment

Book a time for me to sit down with you and your team to give you a gauge for where your marketing is heading.

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Team Workshop

Let’s sit down and break down your marketing strategy and workshop some ways to improve over the next 3 months.

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Brand Accelerator

You and your team have a gauge for where your marketing is heading. But, you’d like a curated solution to put the pieces into place. We’ll dive in and get everything in place and running smoothly.

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Fractional CMO Consulting

Your role is to hire the marketing. But it’s not your space nor do you have the capacity. Hire me as your Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and we’ll help get your team on the right path to hitting their marketing goals utilizing best practices in the branding space.

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Presentation Workshop

Have an upcoming presentation? Terrified of getting in front of your peers? I’ll help you curate and present a 10 minute Keynote specific to your industry niche.

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Speaking Engagements

Looking for a speaker? I’m your guy! I love talking with groups about all of the ways branding plays into everyday marketing.

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Small Business Community Group

Join our small business community group and learn about ways to improve your marketing while joining in with local business network to improve in other facets as well.

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Mastermind Group

Double Your Marketing Revenue Mastermind. This selective group takes a deep dive into the marketing channels tailored for their industry and finds way to help bolster their brand in a sea of competition.

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1-1 Coaching with Marketing Lead

For those looking for an in-depth look into ways to improve on their personal marketing roles for their organization. You are the decision maker and your team is counting on you. Let’s meet and get a strategy in place to take them to the next level.

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